Corporate Services

Why choose Webzone?

Webzone offers a range of web hosting, site development, and domain management services. We are based in Adelaide, South Australia, and provide quality hosting at affordable prices. Our connectivity to the Internet is provided via a dual high speed fibreoptic connection with AAPT/ and Amcom. This provides our clients with a highly reliable, high speed link to the Internet, and the world wide connections.

At Webzone we are able to provide a more personalized service for our customers because we are not as large as some of our competitors. From customer support to site statistics we give our customers all the things they need to run their services efficiently.

Webzone's staff are constantly road-testing our products and services, and providing important information to help you, the customer. Our Staff have an average of 20 years experience in Information Technology, including Project Management, Customer Support, and Technical Development.

Website Development

In order for your web site to make an impact, it needs to be fresh, updated, and interactive. We understand the latest Internet technologies, and how they can best be applied to give you a powerful online presence. Why not make use of Webzone's expertise to create a website that works for you? We can develop a sophisticated online presence, tailored to suit your needs and constructed so you can manage content yourself without ever having to upload files or edit code. We are also able to update and modify existing websites.

Website Maintenance

A well maintained and updated website is very important to attract customers. An attractive and user-friendly site makes the visitor interested. But if the site contains out-dated information or links that do not work, customers are unlikely to inquire about the products or service. Webzone can help you to keep your website crisp and current by providing quick, professional and diligent web site maintenance. The maintenance we provide includes:

  • regular updating of information,
  • once off information and product updates,
  • refreshing the look and feel of the site,
  • implementing web based administration functions,
  • And much more.

Project Management

You can take advantage of our experience and expertise to project manage your web development project. We work with you to develop your site specifications, select the contractors from the international marketplace, and then ensure the quality of the delivered final product. Our process ensures a minimal cost and a thoroughly tested product is delivered.

A sample list of our charges

Domain names

Monthly plans

Yearly plans (we keep your domain name registered)

Yearly plans (you re-register your domain name)

Other services

Corporate Broadband Pricing

Webzone are happy to assess your special requirements. Contact us by email or phone us on 1300 303 932.