Broadband Plans

Broadband is a convenient, high-speed way of accessing the internet. It is significantly faster than conventional dial-up modems and offers speeds of up to 8 megabits per second.

The advantages of Broadband are:

  • Speed
  • Up to 100 times faster than a traditional 56 kbps modem.
  • Convenience
  • You are always connected to the internet. At the same time you can use your phone normally, making calls and receiving them, while you are on the Internet.
  • Cost
  • You don't have to dial up and that saves on your phone bill. It is like having a second phone line just for the Internet, without paying for a second phone line.

For further details about Broadband, please refer to our Broadband Primer page.

Our ADSL2+ Broadband Plans.

National Pricing

This pricing is applicable to Broadband connections within all areas of Australia where ADLS2 is available. Where ADSL2 is not available and ADSL1 is available the same pricing and included data applies for an ADSL1 8mb/384kbps connection.

Excess Data

Data used in excess of the monthly download limit is charged at $0.01/mb.

Other Costs

All of the plans have a (limited time special) $99.00 Activation Fee.

There is a disconnection fee of $120.00 if you cancel your ADSL plan in the first six (6) months.

You can switch plans at any time at a cost of $44.95 per switch for speed changes and $19.95 per switch for plan changes.

Read our Broadband Terms & Conditions for a complete list of all the costs.

Payment Methods

All Broadband plans require payment of all fees before the connection can be activated. Monthly fees are payable in advance.

Any customers without credit cards must pay their monthly fees three (3) months in advance.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and BankCard.

We charge $2.50 per paper invoice and $2.00 whenever payments are received late.

Customer Broadband Equipment

You will need a Broadband Modem, a Splitter and Line Filters for every phone. You have the option of providing your own or Webzone can supply you with the following:

Can I get Broadband?

Broadband is not available at all locations. If in doubt, use the Braodband Availability Checker on our Home page.

Broadband cannot be installed on a line that already has PABX or Commander equipment attached to it. ISDN lines must be reverted to ordinary phone lines before we can begin the application process.

How to Apply

Be sure to read our Broadband Terms & Conditions before applying. Please note that it may take 4 to 21 days for the application to be processed.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

General Terms and Conditions
Broadband Terms and Conditions